Why Creating Social Profiles Is Crucial for Your Local Business

Online marketing has become an essential tool for businesses –especially those thriving on local leads. With millions of users signing up social media profiles globally every day, you can’t sit back and not claim your share of benefits.

But is local marketing online that crucial? Check out these 5 advantages of having a social media profile for your local business below.

1. Build Awareness
As of 2019, there are over 65 million businesses on Facebook alone. Is your local business still not out there? Being on social media puts you on a global map. Even if you aren’t catering to customers outside of your city, they would still know you exist. Who knows they come looking for you on a vacation?

It is as simple as that –if people don’t know about you, they won’t become your customers. Seeing social media platforms as a means to create awareness boosts visibility. It allows you to target a wider audience free of cost with nothing to lose.

Also, social media marketing makes you seem authentic.

2. Cater to Negative Responses Promptly
People will talk about you regardless of your presence on social media. Imagine a few bad reviews that you have no idea about and you spend your day worrying why aren’t there any customers.

Being on social media platforms allows you to tackle and respond to any reviews (good or bad) promptly.

  • If its good leverage on that.
  • If it’s bad, deal with it by showing concern.

3. Boost Recommended Sales
71% of consumers with a positive experience with a brand will likely share their experience with others and recommend it too. People are always looking for recommendations on social media. If we just talk about Facebook, it offers users a designated option to “Ask for Recommendation” in a specific region. When people start commenting their picks, an algorithm lists the exact locations of the mentioned places in the comments. This tags your business automatically. Now imagine you don’t have a Facebook page? Where does that leave you?

4. Targeted Ad Posting
Budget is always a restricting constraint with local businesses. Thankfully, with the addition of hashtags and target setting for ads, you can easily promote your business in your specific demographic without having to spend excessively. Do you know 88% of all searches on phones are for local businesses? Even more reason for you to be online.

5. Grow Affordably
Isn’t that the ultimate goal of every small/big business? Affordable growing means you will have funds to invest in other capacities of your local business and flourish over all. Moreover, you will be spending less on promoting a product or service when you can do it for a minimal cost via social media marketing.

We hope you are convinced of its importance now and will set up an account right away if you haven’t already!

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