On A Shoestring Budget? Here Are 6 Tips To Market Your Local Business BIG TIME!

To promote a local business is an unremitting task. It doesn’t matter if you have decades of experience or just starting out with an idea, promotion is a key element to ensure you remain in the minds of your consumer at all times. But how can local businesses do that with a limited budget on hand? More aptly, how can they make use of the best online marketing solutions to promote local business online?

Here are our few top picks to help you get started!

  1. Initiate a Customer Referral Program
    Customer referral programs leaves with a little less burden on your shoulders as your current customers do the lifting for you. Customer acquisition and customer retention are two retail drivers that keep your business up and running, investing in it will surely have a great ROI. 
  2. Team up with Local influencers
    In this modern age, you need to rely on every last resource that comes at a cheap rate but with a big return. Local influencers are that magic lamp that you need to get the word out without doing much. Local influencers have a strong following. They can help bring in more customers by sponsoring your product or services. 
  3. Improve your social standing with diversity
    Being on Facebook isn’t enough. What if most of your target audience uses platforms like Instagram. Twitter or Youtube? Would you not want to reach to them where they are? All these platforms offer free sign-ups and are a great and promising way to gain more leads and build brand awareness. 
  4. Go Live
    Need to improve your social presence without paying a cent? How about going live on Facebook? Statistics reveal that live videos bring in 10x more comments than other videos. This can help you reach out to new customers or make them find you and about your business. 
  5. Giveaways and Contests
    Everyone loves a free giveaway or taking part in an exciting contest. Online platforms like Facebook or Instagram are great mediums to utilize when planning one. These will grow your social media presence and also keep your customers engaged.
  6. Become Charitable
    When you are a part of your local community, you need to give back. When running a local business, people care about such things. Did you know 91% of customers will willingly change their brand if another brand supports a charitable cause? 85% of customers will have a positive image of your brand if you support a charity they care about. 

Hopefully, these tactics will leave you with ample capital to invest in other areas of your business and still reap you measurable results. 

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