Does Your Local Business Need A Website in 2019?

A consumer’s buying behavior is changing in this digital age. People prefer purchasing online rather than stepping into an actual store. 
What does that mean for your local business? 

How are you going to get the attention of your potential audience and retain them? 

For starters, you need to have a digital presence. Next, you need to build. Why a website and not just a Facebook or Instagram account? 

Because your customers expect to see one!

With more than 3.9 billion users worldwide, customers view the internet as an entry point to learn about the marketplace, identify the options they have and pick the best ones from them. 

Perks Of Having a Website for Your Local Business

  1. It Makes You Legitimate
    On average, a person spends 5+ hours daily on their phone. A major chunk of people look up a business online. Being there gives them proof that you exist and also makes you legitimate.
  2. It Helps Customers Find You
    A survey report by LSA proposes that consumers look up for at least three sources before making a purchase. 30% of them automatically rejects a business without a website. 
  3. It Adds To Your Credibility
    Consumers, actually 75% of them judge a business’s credibility by their website design. You may not have success with a bad website LAYOUT BUT at least have a prospect. Without one entirely, you don’t even stand a chance. 
  4. Offers Insights about Your Target Audience
    Isn’t it too much of a hassle to ask customers to give their feedback on a piece of card or dictate their contact info to a sales representative so that you may be contacted in some later time? Yes, we think so too. It’s time-consuming and monotonous. However, typing their email addresses on a bar on your website is much easier. 

    Once you have the means to stay connected with them, imagine all the info you can give them about your brand via personalized emails, weekly newsletters, regular blog posting, and downloadable e-books?
  5. It’s Always Open
    Unlike a store with business hours, an online website allows you to remain in contact with your customers 24/7. This means that there is a possibility that you will be making sales even during off-store hours. 
  6. It Is Cost-Effective
    Be it any business, sales and marketing is that department that receives the most investment. Whether you are playing radio ads, partnering with local newspapers to attach a leaflet or running a TVC –you have to pay heftily for all these with no guaranteed ROI. Using free platforms like to set up a website, you are left with a major chunk of your capital to be invested in other areas. No to mention, very swift, clear and track-able promotions. 
  7. Show Them Your Portfolio
    Not every consumer can make it to your physical shop. Having a website is like having a virtual store. You can feature your products and services with fancied photographs and elaborated descriptions, tutorials and downloadable to convince them that you are the best.

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