5 Disadvantages Local Businesses Face When Marketing Online

Having an online presence on social media and search engines helps with building new leads, boosting web traffic and improving your reputation amongst the locals –your prime target market. However, when it comes to stepping into the online marketing realm, it isn’t a bed of roses for all local businesses. They face a number of disadvantages, some of which have been highlighted below to help local business owners tackle them with smart strategic moves. 


  1. Budget Constraints
    Marketing isn’t always free of cost. Although there are myriad cost-effective ways, the owner will still have to spend at least a hundred dollars per month to expect results. This is often difficult for local businesses, especially those starting off. 
  2. Controlled Strategic Planning
    Local business also fall short when it comes to having a sound strategy on how to promote your business locally. For starters, they need to identify which core areas need the most investment? What areas will reap the biggest pay –off? Is it guaranteed success with online marketing? All these are factors that need to be taken into account.
  3. Limited Expertise
    Since local businesses don’t have a very big employee base or pool of skilled personnel, they might have difficulty finding the right person to look after their online affairs. Online presence doesn’t only means being there, it also refers to the creation and running of campaigns –from their launch to completion. 
  4. Late Adaptation
    The marketing landscape is always changing. No one trend or technology stays forever. Something that works today may not, tomorrow. Since a local business owner solely focuses on developing a brand, he/she might not be able to adapt the ever-changing strategies to keep marketing it online. 
  5. Poor Analysis of Tracking Metrics
    Tracking analysis give you an in-depth idea of how well or poorly your campaign did to attract the target audience. Not understanding how they work or which ones to implement to read your results is also another disadvantage local businesses face when marketing online. 

In case you are facing any or all of these barriers to local business marketing online, there is no need to panic! You aren’t alone. There are ways you can address these and reasonably find solutions that work for you. With time and experience, you will learn to compensate for all of these disadvantages and witness potential growth in a consistent manner.  

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